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John Kissick’s Eye


All this week, Rhonda and I have been at the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, ON. This is the ninth and final venue for our show Chance Operations².  We have been making some art here, running community workshops and talking to students from high schools in the area.

Tonight there was a reception at the Gallery for our exhibition and two others that are up concurrently by Ron Shuebrook and Stefan Rose. All of the exhibiting artists were present. Also in the house were painters David Urban, Sky Glabush and John Kissick (who curated Shuebrook’s exhibition). Kissick and Urban wrote essays for Shuebrooks’s catalogue that arrived at the gallery, hot off the presses, earlier in the day.

Afterwards and late into the night, we partied at a local restaurant. Some one (Fran Shuebrook?) passed a camera around the table asking everyone to shoot a “selfie”. I watched John Kissick take an extreme close-up of his eye when it was his turn. Inspired by what I saw in the viewfinder (facing towards me) as he turned the camera on himself, I immediately jumped up with my iPhone and took the same picture of him… from my perspective.

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